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Trends connector

2018-05-22 14:46:05


Connector products "micro " and " high-speed mobile technology ," and wisdom is the trend of future development. The connector industry future technology innovation focused on:

1 connector miniaturization

The technology for the miniaturization trend connector developed , can be used on the following micro 0.3mm connector , MINI USB series products are new varieties . Expansion slot can be used for multi-contact connector , multiple contacts can reach and exceed the stringent requirements of surface mount technology coplanar contacts , high accuracy , and low cost.

(2) high -speed wireless transmission frequency connector technology

The technology for a variety of wireless communications equipment applications , the wider range of applications .

3 Simulation Application Technology

Analog technology is based on a variety of disciplines and theories, computer and appropriate software , such as AutoCAD, Pro / E program stress analysis software tool , by building product model and the corresponding boundary conditions , its mechanical , electrical, high frequency other performance simulation analysis confirmed , reducing costs due to material selection, unreasonable structure and other factors caused the failure of product development , improve the success rate of development , help to provide support for the product of complex system applications.

4 connector intelligence technology

This technique is mainly used on DC power connector series products, before transmission power can be intelligent signal detection , plug into place to ensure that after conducting positive and negative , and turn on the power , you can avoid that is not in place when the plug is inserted into the guide through contact with the arc caused by injuries, burn the adverse consequences of future enterprises need to develop intelligent technologies other similar products .

5 . Precision connector technology

Precision connectors related to product design , technology and quality control techniques , and many other aspects , the main technology : ① precision mold processing technology , the use of CAD, CAM technology, the introduction of the industry's high- precision machining equipment , the use of personnel and advanced production equipment and technology experience means in order to achieve high-quality precision mold products ; ② precision stamping and precision injection molding technology, all kinds of precision stamping parts and injection molded parts , efficient, stable and all-round perfect surface quality control to ensure product quality ; ③ automated assembly technology, application precise control through the application of technology, semi-automatic detector technology to overcome the problem of manually operated precision products , improve core competitiveness .

In short, with a variety of different types of connectors in the automotive industry , industrial applications such as computer communications continues to evolve, with an average annual growth rate in the double digits over the connector , market development is also expanding.

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