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Nearly as high-speed rail connector is still dependent on imports import substit

2018-05-22 14:45:53


  According to the railway industry, "second five " plan , in 2015 the national railway operating mileage will be increased to 120,000 kilometers or so ; According to forecasts , in 2013 China rail connector market of about 1.177 billion yuan .


YG 's main electrical buses, locomotives, EMUs and urban rail connector products used in railway and urban rail transport . From 2013 to 2015 , high-speed rail and urban rail mileage reaching a peak performance of the company is expected to follow the outbreak .


Xiangcai Securities research report that the company gross margin up to 57.4% , far higher than other companies in the industry , mainly due to the company as a railway supply depot more concerned about reliability , not price. Meanwhile connector market itself is small, difficult to access outside the individual , so the company long-term high profit margin will be maintained .


First three quarters of 2013 , the company achieved revenues of 125 million yuan , an increase of 0.80% ; net profit attributable to parent company 36.65 million yuan , down 18.81%, EPS of 0.36 yuan . Among them, three quarters of single-quarter revenue 50.04 million yuan , an increase of 20.82% ; net profit attributable to parent company 13.99 million , representing a decrease of 8.22%, EPS of 0.14 yuan.


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