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Finding the perfect model! PNY USB3.0 flash drives and other brands Appreciation

2018-05-22 14:45:38


A good flash should be what they seem , internally and externally . Throughout the market USB3.0 flash drives, and some have decent shape performance , and some with superb transmission performance, able to do all aspects are outstanding , cost-effective and high flash drives are rare. Today I will recommend several strong comprehensive strength USB3.0 flash drives, make the pursuit of the perfect look for the most suitable user U disk, essays footsteps of a look .





PNY USB3.0 Golden Tiger grams 16G


PNY Golden Tiger uses 3.0 grams of gold polished metal casing , showing a sense of delicate and intricate , and rare limited sense . Combination of strength and beauty dish top body designed hook shape, it is eye-catching . Luxury gold tone gives noble honor, goodwill, and preferred to give as gifts for personal use .




Golden Tiger grams PNY USB3.0 U disk performance is still the most unique design of its top dog's head , which stretch with a pull-out plug, pull the plug can be easily hooked items , playback reset, plug and hook head showing the closed state, firmly fastened bags and carry accessories , show strong unique portable power !




High-speed USB 3.0 specification 3.0 grams Golden Tiger flew in speed rated to provide you with complete 8G/16G/32G/64G capacity options, 8G/16G capacity to read speeds of up to 91.6MB / S, write speeds of up to 11.8MB / S; while 32G/64G capacity read speed of up to 92MB / S, write speed up to 30MB / S. Read speed and write speed compared to USB 2.0 specifications were upgraded to 3 times the performance excellence.


sony-USM 16GU


sony-USM 16GU adopt transparent crystal body design, with wider grooves and eye-catching LED flashing lanyard design . In addition to classic black , the special capacity of more rosy and bright sky blue more elegant choice , while supporting data rescue capabilities. This section MV Sony portable memory with the use of digital products , regardless of appearance or compatible terms , have brought a new experience more convenient for your work and life.




sony-USM 16GU sliding USB interface is fully exempt U disk cap troubles, push the button, the interface homeopathy catapult out of operation and feel good ! Wider hanging slots , can highlight your personality proposition.




sony-USM 16GU, data reading and writing process, strobe gorgeous LED status indication , as well as mobile storage process decorative lanyard set aside enough space to make your mobile office lifestyle, atmosphere. sony-USM 16GU not only have ultra high transmission capacity , but also have data recovery service , with the real core competitiveness.


Eaget U90 16G


Eaget U90 polished high- brightness , highlight the exquisite style , with understated luxury solid appearance and meticulous workmanship , by the user 's likes and ages. Seiko delicate blade plate , take UDP encapsulation technology , waterproof, shockproof . International standard USB3.0 interface, transfer rate up to 5.0Gb / s.





Eaget U90 tail hanging ring in addition to Eaget U90 adds a sub decoration and texture. Meanwhile , more convenient and would rather decorative yijie U90 hung on a lanyard , keychain , etc. things above , both practical and decorative effect in one. Nuances visible designer's thoughtful consideration of the Department .




Eaget U90 uses the latest USB3.0 interface, compared to the traditional USB2.0 interface has more than six times the mention in the actual comparison . In the actual test has a speed of more than 40MB per second , and there are more than 20MB per second write speed, and then a big file also allows you to experience a sense of the speed of high-speed transmission.

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