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Suspected "millet phone 4" exposure supports USB3.0 interface, 6-inch

2018-05-22 14:45:26


 Millet series phones has been a topic of concern netizens, after millet hot struck three, and now netizens again sights millet 4 phone. Just yesterday, Baidu Post Bar is a suspected millet 4 users exposed pictures of mobile phone accessories, according to the picture speculated millet 4 will use a small card, while the screen size may reach 5.5 to 6 inches. Image source from Shenzhen Wang Xin, the foundry has repeatedly millet mobile phone OEM. Meanwhile, the graph information display, the middle frame from June to begin production. 


Meanwhile, the landlord does not describe another motherboard prototype: Millet 4 thin machine for non-replaceable battery design, back flat, suggesting that the use of metal wrapped frame, USB port is generally reserved for models larger than perhaps USB3.0 Interface, the body has a purpose remain unknown mouth (presumably infrared emission).



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